On the Road Again . . .

After a month in York, PA visiting doctors, friends, and relatives, we are finally on the road again.  Just before we left we enjoyed a nice dinner with our daughter, Jessica, and her two college roommates.  Jessica’s birthday was last Friday so the girls came to visit to help her celebrate.  Below are the girls outside the White Rose Grill in York in a “normal” pose.

Kristen, Jessica, and Kelly

But that’s not the type of pose they usually present.  Jessica has numerous pictures around her house in their “usual” pose.

Finally, on Monday morning we left York and headed west.  On this trip we are staying exclusively at top facilities.  Below is our first location.

The Cabela’s parking area in Wheeling, WV

The next morning, despite all the amenities of our parking spot (watching fat truckers check tire pressure), we continued our journey west to Decatur, IN to visit the Fleetwood Service Center.  Our motorhome has had a leak at the top of the windshield since we purchased it, despite numerous efforts to seal it.  So we are going to sit in their parking lot until the leak can be repaired, which may take removal of the windshield.

The parking area of Fleetwood in Decatur

Decatur is where our motorhome was made and these people really know their stuff, so it is worth the wait.  Since we don’t have an appointment (they are scheduled into July), we are on the “drop in” list, which means we wait until they have some time.  That may be tomorrow or maybe the next day.  But since we live in the motorhome we have time to wait, as the leak must be fixed.

Once the leak is stopped we will continue west toward Chicago then northward into Wisconsin.  Our plans are a bit sketchy but we’ll work them out and fill you in  in later posts.

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2 Responses to On the Road Again . . .

  1. Deb says:

    I wonder where Jessica gets her sense of humor?

  2. Marsha says:

    Love the photos of Jessica and her friends. Too cute. She looks really good.

    How do you two find all those super RV RESORTS? We don’t have very good luck finding those nice of places. Share please.

    Do they have FHUs at the Fleetwood dealer? Wonder if it is like Tiffin…if it is warranty work, you get to park free. Otherwise it is $20/night. They raised their prices the last time we were there. $20 is way too high for a parking lot!

    Hope you two get in and out of there FAST. You need to start heading towards us so we can meet up!

    Hope there is a Starbucks just down the road or you too might be in for some long days…hehe

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