The Migrant Worker Tour

We are still enjoying a month long visit to our old home town of York, PA visiting friends and taking care of various medical visits.  Last weekend we left the motorhome in York and    drove the car north to the edge of the world, the village of Clayton, NY along the banks of the St. Lawrence River.  This neat little town along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world is home to Pam’s mother, Fran, and other family members.

On Friday night we attended a concert at the Clayton Opera House, an old classic opera house that has been completely restored and is home to many cultural events throughout the year.  Our concert was by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.  Johnny is a pal of Bruce Springsteen and played the same shore venues as the E Street Band during the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The bands apparently took different career paths as on that same day, while the Asbury Jukes were playing in front of about 300 people in the village of Clayton, the E Street Band was playing in front of 50,000 people in a stadium in Europe.

The Clayton Opera House

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

While we enjoyed the concert for the most part, we think the sound man thought he was with the E Street Band in a stadium, as the volume was way too loud!

The next day the opera house was host to Senior Prom Night for the local high school.  Our niece, Daniela, is a sophomore at the school and attended with her date, Kevin.  As you can see below, the couple was stunning in their formal outfits.

As the title of this blog implies, we have been doing a bit of “manual labor” during our trip north.  Earlier in the month we stopped in Atlanta to see our son, Kevin, and spent a very hot day helping him plant bushes and mulch.  During our visit to Clayton, we again ended up at the local home supply store to purchase mulch and spent part of a day spreading it around the house.  John also spend one day giving Fran’s car it’s yearly cleaning and waxing.

The boss lady supervising the migrant


Back in York we are spending more time visiting friends and working at Jessica’s house.  One morning Pam arose early to join some of her former teaching colleagues for breakfast.

Pam with York Township teachers

Between visits we have spent a few days slaving in the hot sun working at Jessica’s house.  That means dishes, mowing, trimming, and more mulching!  The yard was trimmed with old painted wood ties that had rotted so we replaced them with concrete trim.

New edging and mulch

We plan to stay here until the first full week of June, that is if we can stand the physical labor our daughter puts us through.  Then we begin our long trip west, beginning with stops in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but more on that later.




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1 Response to The Migrant Worker Tour

  1. Marsha says:

    Pam, your mother lives at the edge of the world? Sounds lovely.

    What a hoot. The Clayton Opera House had Southside Johnny. Would never put Opera together with that group. I wonder if the volume was too high or if we are just getting too old? Very interesting.

    Daniela is GORGEOUS! WOW…who side of the family does she take after? Love the red dress.

    The boss lady is lovely. The migrant worker needs to work harder. She looks like she is just playing in that soil.

    The teacher group look so young. How old were you when you retired Pam…40?

    Didn’t Jessica do her dishes since the last time you were there? That is a ton of pots and pans.

    The yard looks great. Good job on the mulch. Hope she doesn’t talk you into staying longer.

    Glad you finally got me caught up on what you two are doing. Sounds like you are having a great time even if you are working your way through the US…hehe

    Wishing you a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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