Last Week in Cortez

This is our last week in beautiful Cortez, FL.  We’ve been on the same site for two months, the longest we have ever stayed in one place since we began living in the motorhome.  The weather has been great, the people are nice, and the beach scenery is beautiful.

Every Monday a group from the park go for a bicycle ride.  Sometimes we load the bikes on to vehicles and drive somewhere, and sometimes we ride out of the park to a nearby location.  Last weeks ride took us to nearby Robinson’s Preserve, a nature park.  We stopped for a snack at a very unusual pair of trees.   Looking at the picture below, can you spot the two different trees?

Look a little closer and you can see the palm tree growing in the middle of a banyan tree.

Last week we had a visit from daughter Jessica.  The route to Tampa Airport takes you over the Skyway Bridge crossing Tampa Bay.  A cruise ship was headed out so we stopped at a rest area to watch it go under the bridge.

As the ship approaches the bridge there is an optical illusion that it will miss the opening and hit the bridge.  You know the ship will go through the highest point on the bridge and the bridge is high enough, but it sure looks like that is not the case.

But the ship made it under the bridge with no problem so apparently they know what they’re doing!  Then on to the airport, where there was quite a bit of excitement as the Princess descended the VIP escalator.

Within hours, and after a stop at an un-named coffee shop, she was on the beach soaking up some rays.  It appears this was more fun than teaching a group of six graders!

Mom and dad also had a nice day enjoying the sunshine.

By the way, if you know Jessica, you may notice that there is not as much of her as there was a few months ago.  She has changed her eating habits and has become a workout fanatic, losing a significant amount of weight.  She still wants to lose more, but is doing great.  You go, Girl ! ! !

The area we are in is called Cortez, but we are no sure why.  The Spanish explorer by that name was in Mexico, destroying the Aztec’s and never visited the area.  But Hernando de Soto did visit the area, in fact there is a National Monument operated by the National Park Service nearby dedicated to his landing in the area in 1539.  It’s a small park but has a nice live presentation and a very good video describing his explorations.

The entrance to De Soto National Monument

Presentation Area at De Soto National Monument

On the last day of our stay here we had a visit from John’s sister Patty, and her husband Bob.  They live in Erie, PA but last year purchased a condo in South Pasadena, near St. Pete Beach on the north side of Tampa Bay.  We visited them at their place last month so they came down to go to dinner with us before we headed out.

Bob and Patty

Tomorrow (Saturday) we leave Cortez and head north to Miramar Beach on the Florida panhandle next to Destin.  We stayed there last year and enjoyed it so much we are returning for another stay.  At the end of April we’ll head toward Atlanta then York, PA.

But more on that later . . .

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1 Response to Last Week in Cortez

  1. Marsha says:

    How cool those trees are. Do they know how one grew out of the other? I have never seen anything like that before.
    I love the pictures of the ship and the bridge. What a clever idea. I will say though…I will hate to have to drive over that thing. I do not like bridges!
    When I read un-named coffee shop, I was going to say….Don’t tell me you didn’t go to Starbucks. But you didn’t let me down. I saw the cups in the photos.
    CONGRATULATIONS Jessica. I did notice when she was riding the “VIP” escalator. So happy for her. Takes a lot of work just to lose a little weight. Not sure how much she wants to use but can’t wait to see her “ideal” weight.
    What the heck is going on with your wrist? Several of the pictures have it in a brace.
    Well…off you go. Are you staying in FL till the end of April or just taking it really slow back to PA? Hope you two have a safe adventure back to PA.

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