St. Pete Beach

Cortez, FL

John’s sister and brother-in-law, Patty and Bob, have a condo to the north across Tampa Bay from us in South Pasadena, which is just across a causeway from St. Pete Beach.  Last week we drove up to visit with them and check out the renovations completed since our last visit a year ago.  Part of the trip takes us across the Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay, treating us to some great views.

Approaching the Skyway Bridge

The sun on the gold painted cables

The view to the north toward St. Petersburg and Tampa

As we arrived and walked along the sidewalk toward their condo we spied this hardy fisherman.  It must be nice to walk a few steps out your door and cast your line.

Bob catching lunch (ok, we went out to eat)

Patty and Bob have a great location on the ground floor with a view to the bay.  They often watch dolphins playing outside their door and they can hear them as they come up for air.

"The View"

Since Bob failed to catch any fish that morning, we took a ride south along the beach to the area known as Pass-a-Grille where we visited the rooftop bar at the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant.  We enjoyed a cold brew and were treated to a great view of St. Pete Beach to the north.

John and Bob await their order.

John and Patty enjoy the view

The view northward toward St. Pete's Beach

One of the “perks” of working for an airline is the ability to fly stand by at no cost.  Our son, Kevin, works for Delta in Atlanta and has been able to visit us a number of times during our stay in Florida.  On Sunday he caught a flight to Sarasota and spent the afternoon before catching an early evening flight home.  The day was extremely windy so we went to Bradenton Beach to check out the surf.

While there is always a breeze along the gulf, the winds this weekend were unusually high and provided a great day for wind surfers.  We watched while a group who were clearly very experienced rode the wind right up on the shore then, without stopping, turned and headed back out to sea.  One surfer was able to get airborne often, at times flying at least thirty feet into the air.

Approaching the shore

Flying through the air

That’s all for now . . .

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1 Response to St. Pete Beach

  1. Marsha says:

    The photos from the bridge are awesome…but I HATE going over any bridge. I wasn’t always like this…I think it is my age!
    Patty and Bob’s place is LOVELY! How great to be right there on the water with a fantastic view!
    How lucky is Kevin. AND how lucky are you two to be able to see him so often! I am a bit jealous.
    Sounds like you two are just having one big time after another! Enjoy your time and make lots of memories. They last a lifetime! ~wheresweaver

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