North to Bradenton Beach

After spending five weeks in sunny Ft. Myers, FL, it was time to continue our slow trek north.  We arrived in Ft. Myers in mid-December with a problem with one of our electric leveling jacks so we spent two nights parked in a Camping World parking lot while it was repaired.  As part of the repair they did a “courtesy check” of the motor home looking for any problems they could correct (by selling us something).  While checking,  they found a screw stuck in one of the rear tires.  We couldn’t tell how deeply it had penetrated the tire but felt a bit (ok, more than a bit) nervous about it, so we ordered a new tire ($750 ! ! !).  Since they had to order the tire, we said we would return at the end of our stay in Ft. Myers to have it installed.

"Home" in the Camping World parking lot

So we left Cypress Woods RV Resort a day early and returned to Camping World for the installation.  The first thing the tech did was to pull out the screw to see the damage.  It turns out that it had barely penetrated.

Yippee, $750 refunded back on the credit card!  We stayed the night in the Camping World lot next to a great guy from Naples.  He told us his name twice but, duh, we can’t remember it, so if you see your picture below please remind us of your name through the comment section below (sorry about that) (on edit he is Fred Decker – thanks for the comment, Fred).

The next day we left Ft. Myers and headed to Lazydays RV just east of Tampa for a four day rally with other Discovery motorhome owners.  The days were filled with seminars on various aspects of the motorhome as well as a little golf and socializing with friends.  Some evenings there is a dinner at the rally center followed by some form of entertainment.  One evening the entertainment was a comedian/ventriloquist by the name of  Ed Brown and Hugo.  Ed’s a bit long in the tooth but still funny and a very good ventriloquist.

Ed’s on the right with the dummy in the center.  We don’t know the lady on the left but are pretty sure she is not a dummy, but who knows (hope she doesn’t follow this blog).

After four days, we loaded up and drove about 50 miles south to the village of Cortez, just across a causeway bridge from Bradenton Beach, where we will stay for two months.  We stayed here last year and really liked it, so we decided to return.  It’s close enough to the beach that we walk along the water every morning and can ride our bicycles everywhere else, including the supermarket and a Starbucks (very important!).

On Saturday son Kevin called and said the weather in Atlanta was too bad for him to fly (he’s working on his instructor’s pilot license), so he was going to catch the 8:30 Delta flight to Sarasota, just 13 miles to the south.  We picked him up at the airport and drove north on the islands along the Gulf of Mexico, including St. Armands, Longboat Key, and Anna Maria  Island.  We went to lunch at the Beach House, a nice restaurant along the beach within walking distance of our motorhome and checked out the shore line in front of the restaurant.  It was a bit hot (mid 80s) so we crossed the causeway back to the motorhome to cool off.

Boy, we sure miss the cool temperatures of Pennsylvania in February!   After our “cool down” session we drove back to the Sarasota Airport so Kevin could catch a flight back to Atlanta.  Kevin works for Delta Air Lines (not Delta Airlines! – just ask an employee) and flying stand-by is one of the perks.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday so we have to watch our Baltimore Ravens play the Giants.  No, Wait ! ! !  The tight end dropped the winning pass in the end zone at the end of the conference final.  Then the kicker missed a field goal that would have tied the game on the final play, so we have to watch the Patriots.  Oh well . . . maybe next year ! ! !

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3 Responses to North to Bradenton Beach

  1. Marsha says:

    WOW…that was a chunk of money you were able to get back. Great news!
    Dad and son look so relaxed. How wonderful to be able to see him so soon. From the picture, your spot looks lovely. I love the patio. I don’t see too many that are bricked. How neat.
    I really don’t care who wins but I am going to root for the Giants. Enjoy your wonderful, beautiful weather and the Super Bowl!

  2. Fred Decker says:

    Hi John- I love seeing people who know how to have fun and a good time, and it looks like you two know how !! Yes, I am the guy in the pic at the Ft. Myers Camping World. I really am enjoying your blog, and will continue to do so. Great pics of family and places… If you can send me the name of the company that sells your surge protector / voltage controller, I would really appreciate that. I can’t seem to find it online. Thanks, Fred

  3. Tom Stack says:

    SO WISHING I WAS IN FLORIDA RIGHT NOW!~!~!~!~! Sitting in a cold dorm room is the reality of things here in Lancaster though. Glad to see you guys are doing well! Spring is going to be here soon, which means if you come back to PA you should take me for a motorcycle ride!!! hahaha. Hope you are having fun! Be Safe.


    p.s. in an older post with the beach with more shells than anyone knows what to do with, hope you picked up that pretty red one in the photo!

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