A White Christmas

Yes, we had a white Christmas here in southwest Florida.  It was 85 degrees and the sand at Ft. Myers beach was very, very white!

Our daughter, Jessica, arrived Friday evening before Christmas for a five day visit away from the cold of Pennsylvania.  The weather for her visit was perfect, as the area was experiencing near record high temperatures with abundant sunshine.  So with that kind of weather, we were forced to head to the beach Christmas morning.  The first stop, as the picture above shows, was to Ft. Myers Beach, a typical beach community on a barrier island just across a bridge from the mainland.

San Carlos Bridge to Ft. Myers Beach

They just finished a beach sand replenishment project here so the sand was very nice.  This area of the beach is very crowded with all kinds of water activities and a wide variety of people.

We spent most of the day just relaxing in the sun, with an occasional swim when the 85 degree temperature caused some unwanted perspiration.  It was difficult, but someone had to spend Christmas on the beach!

But just because we were at the beach, we did need the Christmas feeling, so the tree below with it’s decorations helped add a festive touch.

The day after Christmas again greeted us with mid-80s temperatures, so we headed west toward the water.  This time our destination was Sanibel Island, a famous resort and beach   island just over a one mile causeway from Ft. Myers.

Causeway to Sanibel Island

The beach here is much quieter than the one at Ft. Myers Beach, with a smaller crowd of mostly families.

The beach on Sanibel

Some of the beachcombers brought a little refreshment with them.

Sanibel Island is famous for the millions of shells that wash up onto the beaches.

A Typical Shell Collecting Tourist

After a second day at the beach, we returned to the park to a beautiful Florida sunset.

After spending the next day relaxing by the pool and doing some shopping with Mom, Jessica decided she had enough of the warm temperatures and sunshine so she boarded a plane and headed north.  The call of colder temperatures and lesson plan preparation was just to strong for her to resist.  We hope to see her again if she decides to visit us in February when we move a bit north to Bradenton Beach.

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3 Responses to A White Christmas

  1. Jill E. says:

    Hi! I read your blog with envy most days and today I am just down right jealous! What a wonderful way to spend Christmas! The weather has been really nice here for December, but there is nothing like a warm Florida Christmas! I always wondered if the “seashells” were really abundant in Sanibel so I loved those pictures! Have a wonderful and safe 2012! Jill Ellis (worked with John)

  2. Marsha says:

    OH…you two are so funny with your title. You had me going there for awhile.
    Unwanted perspiration…oh you poor thing!!!
    Sanibel Island is our friends favorite place to visit. They will be there in February.
    All the photos are beautiful! The beach looks wonderful. And I must say the pictures of those to beach bunnies with their drinks is adorable.
    Glad you have a wonderful visit with Jessica and Blessed Christmas. Wishing you a very HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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