From Key West to Ft. Myers

We left Key West on a beautiful Monday morning and headed back to Miami Everglades Park, where we stayed one night on our way to the Keys.  Since we had two empty days before we were scheduled to arrive in a park in Ft. Myers, we thought we would spend some time looking around Miami.  Upon arriving at the park we found that one of our leveling jacks would not go down.  There are four jacks on the motorhome that provide stability while parked and insure the coach is level, which is important when extending our slideouts.   We have had trouble with a jack since we left Pennsylvania in September but could always manage to get it to work up until now.  There is a Camping World near our destination in Ft. Myers so we called and scheduled an appointment for Wednesday morning.  With that scheduled, we left the Miami area the next day and drove to the Ft. Myers Camping World.  They were very accommodating and parked us right outside the garage so we could plug into their electricity.

Enjoying the Sights at Camping World

The next day, Keith, the technician began troubleshooting the problem just before 9:30.  He worked all day, not even stopping for lunch, and finally found the problem(s) and made the necessary repairs around 4:30.  It seems we had two electrical problems, which really complicated the diagnosis.  One was a bad wire in the braking mechanism and the other was a bad control board (which could have been caused by the bad wire).  We stayed parked in the same spot for another night, giving us a chance to try the jacks the next morning before moving over to our site at Cypress Woods, about a mile away.

Our site at Cypress Woods

Cypress Woods in Ft. Myers will  be our home for the next five weeks.  It is a large park with all sites privately owned (and rented when the owners are not in town).  We are right across the street from a large heated pool and there is a Starbucks about three miles away (very important to some people).  The only down side is the beach is about 20 miles away so we will not be visiting there as often.  But in February we move north to Bradenton Beach, where we are less than a mile from the water,  so we’ll save all our beach time for then.

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1 Response to From Key West to Ft. Myers

  1. Marsha says:

    Boy…we are so glad you got those two problems fixed. You are probably so happy that now all the jacks should work great!
    Your park sounds amazing. Be sure to post some pictures. How did you get your spot? You have connections? Enjoy the awesome weather!
    We wish you a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

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