South to the Keys

After spending one night at a park just south of Miami, we arose early Monday morning and headed south down Route 1.  The weather was perfect and the traffic light as we left the mainland and headed on to the Florida Keys.

Leaving the mainland

The Seven Mile Bridge

After travelling about 130 miles, we pulled into Bluewater Key RV Resort at mile marker 14.3 where we will be staying for the next two weeks.  The park is built on a narrow peninsula with a large bay on one side and a small canal on the other.  All the sites are privately owned with rentals available when the owners are not present.  Our site is narrow but secluded by thick palm trees and vegetation.  We have a patio on the passenger side and a neat tiki hut behind the motorhome.  The hut is covered and has a sink, fridge, and TV.  Just behind it is a small dock on the canal.

Our home in Key West

Side Patio

The Tiki Hut behind the motorhome

How do you deal with stress?

After a few moments of relaxation, we headed down Rte. 1 into Key West for a quick walk down the famous Duval Street and the dock area.  Duval Street is famous for its bars and restaurants as well as some of the colorful people walking the streets.  We observed a large number of very “touristy” people strolling the streets (new hat, new shorts, new tennis shoes, and pale skin).  After reaching the dock area the source of all these visitors was uncovered.

The docking area for the tour boats is the stage for a number of street performers who entertain the departing and returning passengers making it a fun area to visit.

After our brief visit to town, we returned to our motorhome to “rest up” after a long day. The weather here in Key West is beautiful, with high seventies during the day and low seventies at night.  A few nights ago it dropped to 69, which the locals call -1.  While sitting in the tiki hut watching the news the temperature dropped quickly from 78 to 71 so we were forced to put on sweatshirts to ward off the cold!  Thanks for the pity but tomorrow should be in the high 70s again.  More on that later . . .

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1 Response to South to the Keys

  1. Marsha says:

    Oh my goodness. This looks like what a picture heaven to look like! How beautiful!!!!! I will say that John DOES NOT know how to handle stress very well. Maybe while you are down there you could help him out Pam. Does every spot have the Tiki Hut? That is just amazing!!!!!!
    How funny…-1. Now really a sweatshirt at 71…please.
    I think you two are going to have a wonderful, delightful time for the next two weeks. Enjoy every minute of it!!

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