Myrtle Beach ! ! !

After a great month in the mountains near  Murphy, NC, we loaded up the motorcycle and car and headed southeast to North Myrtle Beach, SC.  The trip takes about seven hours, which is way to long a drive for one day when you’re retired.  So we found a small campground just off the interstate half way to Myrtle and spent the night.  Our site was a long pull-through so we could leave the car and trailer attached to the motorhome and just drive off the next morning.  We arrived at Briarcliff RV Resort in North Myrtle around two the next day and were able to get a nice site with clear view of the southwest sky so we could get our rooftop satellite dish to acquire the Directv signal.  We have shows to record that are important ! ! !

We stayed here for three weeks last year and had established a routine then that we felt it was important to continue, so the next morning it was off to Starbucks then to the beach.

November is the beginning of the off-season here in South Carolina so the beach is almost empty.  Yet the sun is warm and the water is calm.

One of the many condo complexes along the beach

After enjoying a relaxing day sitting in the sand our first day, we felt compelled to return the next day to make sure we were doing the “beach thing” correctly.  We believe that we did, in fact, have the routine down correctly but will return again soon to be sure.

Hey, somebody has to do it!

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1 Response to Myrtle Beach ! ! !

  1. Marsha says:

    Awesome picture of you two! The beach looks so inviting. You are making me think we left it way too soon. Enjoy the sun, the beach, and the blue skies. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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