Murphy Museum and a Fly-In Visit

It was a cold and rainy day in Murphy, NC on Thursday so we went into town to visit the Cherokee County Museum.  It’s a small museum located in an old brick building constructed as a library in 1916 with $7,500 donated by the Carnegie Library Program.  Carnegie provided the money for over 2,500 libraries throughout the world between 1883 and 1929.

Cherokee Historical Museum

Upstairs on the main floor there are displays of tools used by local settlers and other items from the history of the area.  Downstairs is the Trail of Tears Interpretative Center, which describes the experience of the Cherokee Tribe during their forced relocation to Oklahoma, known to history as the Trail of Tears.   The center has a reconstruction of a typical cabin built by the Cherokee based on their observation of the shelters built by early European settlers.

Visitors then learn the tragic story of the demise of the local Cherokee population through forced migration to the west by following a series of posters describing the story in chronological order.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while (and thousands of you do just that) you have read about our son, Kevin, going through the long training process of obtaining a commercial pilot’s license.  On two occasions he has flown from his home in Atlanta to our location for a visit, once in Illinois and once in Tennessee.  Since Murphy, NC is not that far from Atlanta, we invited him to fly up to see us.  Sunday morning he called and said he and his instructor, T.J., would be flying up for lunch.  About ten miles from here is the town of Andrews, NC next to a small air field called the Western Carolina Regional Airport, formerly Wood Field.

The “Terminal” at Western Regional Airport
Murphy Andrews Airfield
The airstrip at Western Regional Airport

We drove to the field, waited about 15 minutes watching the air traffic (just kidding, there was no air traffic at all) when we heard the drone of engines and watched the small plane circle the field over the mountains.

The Pilot is greeted by the “ground crew”

We loaded up the flight crew and drove about a mile to Andrews, NC (pop. 1,600) for a quick lunch as T.J. had to be back for another lesson in two hours.  So after eating it was back to the airport for take-off.  It was a pretty brief visit but we’ll be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving in a few weeks.  By the way, T.J. is a newlywed, married just three weeks ago at a vineyard in nearby Dahlonega, GA where we visited last week.  His wife is a teacher!

The Crew

The Take-Off
Good-Bye ! ! !
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1 Response to Murphy Museum and a Fly-In Visit

  1. Marsha says:

    The more I learn about the Cherokee or any Indian tribe, the more I am ashamed of the white man! How could be so arrogate?
    Well, how cool is that…there aren’t many people who can say there son “flew” in to have lunch with them.
    Hope that weather of yours gets better…FAST!

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