Dahlonega, GA and Franklin, NC

Murphy, NC

The weather here in southwestern North Carolina has continued to be outstanding so yesterday (Monday) we made a return trip south to the town of Dahlonega, GA.  We visited here last week on the motorcycle and found it a neat college town, so we decided to return in the car with the bicycles to explore the town and college

We described the college in a post last week titled “The Chattahoochee National Forest” so we’ll just say it’s a school of about 4,000 built on the hillsides next to the town.  Since the campus is a bit hilly, we were the only people on bicycles, unusual for a college campus.  After a ride up and down the hills of the campus we parked the bikes (after a brief bit of refreshment at the local Starbucks) in town and visited some of the shops lining the town square.  Dahlonga is set up like many small towns in the south and west, with a public square built around a court house.

The old court house - now a museum

Shops along the public square in Dahlonega, GA

Today (Tuesday) was another sunny day, so we headed east on the motorcycle through the mountains to the town of Franklin, NC.  We had been on this road about three weeks ago and wanted to see how the leaves had changed.  It turned out to be the most colorful ride we have experienced yet.

One of the reasons we wanted to visit Franklin was to check out a restaurant that we been told not to miss, Caffe Rel.  Reviews on the food were beyond outstanding.  But the odd thing about the place is the contrast between the inside and the outside of the restaurant.

The inside of Caffe Rel

The outside of Caffe Rel

The restaurant shares a building and parking lot with a gas station/convenience store, Hot Spot.  Inside the restaurant is a gourmet restaurant with the atmosphere of a French cafe.  Outside at the gas pumps we saw things that put “People of Wal-Mart” to shame!  And next door to all this ? ? ?

“We aim to please” is their motto!  So we filled our stomachs, filled the motorcycle, and filled our ammo belts all in one convenient stop.  O.K., two out of three.  But the food was outstanding!

There is now less than a week remaining in our stay here in Murphy, NC.  Next Monday we head for Myrtle Beach, where we’ll stay for three weeks before heading to Kevin’s in Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  Then it’s off to Florida for the winter . . .

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2 Responses to Dahlonega, GA and Franklin, NC

  1. Marsha says:

    Oh my….the trees are BEAUTIFUL! I am sure the pictures do not do it justice.
    What a cute little town. We love going to these types of quaint towns. The people always seem to be so friendly.
    HAHA…that restaurant is a hoot! Glad you had a good meal! I guess the saying is correct…Don’t judge the inside by the outside. Seems to apply here. Enjoy the ride.

    • placestheygo says:

      You’re right, the pictures didn’t do justice. Absolutely beautiful views.

      The restaurant was the type you see on Diners, dives, and drive-ins. So unique!

      Safe travels!

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