Calling Noah – Fire up the ark ! ! !

We’ve been parked near our daughter, Jessica, in York, PA for almost three weeks but have accomplished little from the tasks on her “to-do” list.  First, we were pleasantly distracted by visits with friends we have meet in our travels.  We met Bob and Sandy Silva last October during a Discovery rally in Sevierville, TN and, more recently, had a visit with them when our paths crossed last month in Maine.  The Silvas were at a park in Lancaster, about 25 miles to the east of our location in York.  We invited them to come over and we then took them on a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield, about 30 miles to our west.  Since we lived in the area for 25 years and John is a history major, we spent many afternoons touring Gettysburg, giving us the knowledge to give a decent tour of the event.

Bob and Sandy Silva on Little Round Top

The weather was perfect for the tour and we had a nice late lunch at the Farnsworth House.  The building where the restaurant is located was there during the battle and there are chips in the brick from bullets on the wall above the sign in the picture below.

While in Gettysburg, we received a phone call from another couple we met through the Discovery group.  Larry and Mary Anne Weinburg were visiting relatives in Connecticut but ran away from Hurricane Irene.  Since the weather was not scheduled to improve in New England, they decided to move south and were headed for the park we are in near York.  When we arrived back at the park, we found them parked just behind us.  So, after a day of golf, we headed back to Gettysburg for another tour.

With the Weinbergs at the Virginia Monument - Robert E. Lee on Traveler

Once our friends left we were looking for another excuse to avoid the work at Jessica’s house.  Mother nature provided just that, sending over 10 inches of rain our way over the course of 6 days.  While we were fine sitting on high ground, most of the local streams and rivers overflowed their banks, causing numerous road closings in the area and forced most schools in the area to close for at least a day.

Now that the rain has stopped (make that “slowed down” as it is pouring this Sunday evening) we have no choice but to get to work.  We are now on a time limit as we plan to leave York on Thursday and head to Fredericksburg, VA for a short visit with the Weinbergs in their home territory.  Then we are off to the mountains of southwest North Carolina for a month of exploring the Smoky Mountains.  That will be followed by a three week stay at North Myrtle Beach to begin our winter beach tour!

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2 Responses to Calling Noah – Fire up the ark ! ! !

  1. Marsha says:

    I would LOVE to have a personal tour of Gettysburg with John! How neat would that be!!! So glad you have time to meet up with friends. I am also glad you FINALLY made time for your poor daughter’s list of jobs. I am sure Jessica is thrilled!
    Looks like you have some plans made and I am sure you will stick to them. We are also going to do some hiking in the Smoky Mountains in about two weeks BUT we are going to stay at the Escapee park, Raccoon Valley, in Knoxville, TN. Thanks for getting us up to date on what you two have been up to. Enjoy the ride.

  2. TStack says:

    Ever think you should be towing a small boat behind the RV?!?!?!? Hope all is going well!


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