Return to the River

After a nice two week stay in New Hampshire, we made our way back to the small village of Clayton, along the St. Lawrence River in northern New York, for a visit with Pam’s mother, Fran.  As we have done in the past we parked the motor home in the yard of our friend John Eppolito, just around the corner from Fran’s house.  We stay at Fran’s house during our visit but have easy access to the motorhome if we need something.

One of the things we like to do while in this area is to visit Kingston, Ontario by bicycle.  To get there we drive the car about 10 miles west to the little village of Cape Vincent, where a short ferry trip across part of the St. Lawrence drops you off on Wolfe Island in Canada.  The ferry from Cape Vincent to Wolfe Island is privately owned and cost us $2 each with our bikes.  We then ride our bikes across the island, about 6 miles, to another ferry that takes you to Kingston.  The water in the St. Lawrence is very clean and beautiful so we always enjoy the ride.

On the dock, looking down at the clear water

The ferry approaches Cape Vincent - Wolfe Is. Canada is in the distance

Small ferry docked at Cape Vincent, NY

In the above photo you can see two bright yellow cabinets.  These are explosive detectors that were installed last year.  Although there has never been an incident, minor or major, at this little border crossing, we can all now feel safer with these expensive devices keeping terrorists stranded on Wolfe Island.  It’s another example of your tax dollars at work.  And we wonder why the federal government is broke!

Wolfe Island is the largest island in the Thousand Islands and is home to an extensive wind farm, with 86 windmills generating electricity sent by underwater cable to the Canadian mainland.

Once you cross the island to the little village of Marysville, a larger ferry runs from the island to downtown Kingston.  It is run by the government of Ontario and there is no fee.

Ferry from Kingston approaches Wolfe Island

Unloading on Wolfe Island

On our way to Kingston

Windmills on the island as we head to Kingston

Kingston is a great little city that, like many eastern Canadian cities we have visited, has a “European” feel to it.  We like to go there for lunch as the city is home to many neat restaurants.  It is also home to that famous American coffee shop, so we were forced to pay a visit before returning home.

While in Clayton, our niece, Daniela, asked if she could have a ride on the motorcycle.  It’s difficult to say no to such a request so, one afternoon, off we went for a spin.

We’ve really enjoyed our stay in Clayton.  The river is beautiful and the weather has been great (clear and cool).  But as with most people who live in a motorhome, we are getting the urge to “head out”.  With this in mind and since the end of summer is approaching, we will soon begin our slow trek south to warmer climates for the winter.  But there are plenty of great places to visit along the way during the fall, so we will make numerous stops as we head to our December destination of Key West.  The first stop will be in our old home of York, PA to visit Princess Jessica, where a list of tasks around her house awaits us.  But more on that later . . .


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5 Responses to Return to the River

  1. Deb says:

    Let us know when you are in town!

  2. Marsha says:

    Boy is that area ever beautiful! It would be so cool to just enjoy the scenery while riding my bike. Great pictures! I am sure Princess Jessica is waiting your arrival! Enjoy the ride.

  3. Zart says:

    I heard you had a blog but could never nail down how to access it before. At Maxine’s retirement reunion last week I finally was put in touch. Nice blog and nice way to spend retirement.

    • placestheygo says:

      Nice to hear from you, although it makes me nervous to have an English teacher reading this. Jim Spang use to review my memos and grade them at SMS before I sent them and I have Pam editing now so blame her for any errors!

  4. TStack says:

    Hey take me for a bike ride….never been on a motorcycle. that water is insanely clear! hope with all the rain the past two weeks that you are all doing ok!

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