St. Andrews by the Sea

We left Prince Edward Island Tuesday morning, crossing the Confederation Bridge back into New Brunswick.

Charlottestown, PEI is the site of the 1864 conference of the provinces of Upper Canada where they agreed to join together as one nation, so “confederation” is an often used term on the island.  The bridge is eight miles long and opened in 1997.  It is free as you enter the island but cost us $57 for the return trip!  The only other way on and off PEI is a ferry to Nova Scotia, which costs over $100.

Our next destination was the small resort town of St. Andrews in the southwest corner of New Brunswick, where the St. Croix River empties into the Passamaquoddy Bay, with Maine in view across the water.  St. Andrews is a very small village with a main street of shops and restaurants along the waterfront.  We visited here two years ago and return to enjoy the campground south of the town right on the bay.  We are parked facing the bay with fantastic views right out our windshield.

The Passamaquoddy Bay at high tide

. . . at low tide

A perfect location for the morning coffee . . .

. . . with a great view of the bay!

We will be here for three nights, then head back to Maine for a few days at Pumpkin Patch RV Park outside Bangor, where we stayed before going to Canada.  After that we go to . . . . ?   Oh well, we’ll figure out a destination when the time comes.  One must be “flexible” to really enjoy this lifestyle.

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1 Response to St. Andrews by the Sea

  1. Marsha says:

    Pam, you look soooooo relaxed in the picture! Your spot looks lovely! I had NO idea it cost so much to cross back. Why be free one way and sooooooo expense the other? Enjoy your sunny days.

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