Acadia, Lobster, and UMaine

The park we are in near Bangor, ME is only about an hour’s drive from Acadia National Park, one of the prettiest parks in the country.  The park, located on Mt. Desert Island, is crisscrossed with what are called Carriage Trails that are great for hiking or bicycling.  They were built during the 1920s with money provided by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  The gravel trails cover over 50 miles through the park, going up hill then down.  We spent about an hour riding the trails then made our way to the tourist town of Bar Harbor for a rest.

On the ride back to Bangor we stopped at a local lobster shop and purchased 6 lobsters.  The picture below shows the poor fellows just before they jumped into the cooking pot.  Lobster dishes will be on the menu for the next few nights!

The next day we spent doing some shopping and cleaning in the motorhome.  In the late afternoon a pretty strong thunderstorm blew threw.  One of the rules of having a motorhome is to be sure your awning is taken in whenever you leave just in case of such a sudden storm.  Bill and Eileen Marra in the Itasca just behind us failed to follow this rule and almost paid the price for it.  The awning is electrical so you need the remote to retract it.  We tried ours, hoping that it may work just as sometimes your neighbor’s remote will open your garage door, without success.  Since the door to their motorhome was locked there was nothing we could do but watch and hope for the best.  Below is the storm in action.

Fortunately for them, upon their return they found the awning still worked perfectly, but they will not tempt fate again!

Today we took a bicycle tour of the University of Maine, five miles up the road in Orono, ME.

UMaine’s campus is very nice, with many old and stately buildings and tree lined walks.  Fraternity Row has many large old houses that remind one of the classic look of a college frat house. We were going to finish the ride with a cold coffee but were mislead by Google maps.  The map indicated that there was a Starbucks near by but it wasn’t there.  But a nearby Dairy Queen saved the day!

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1 Response to Acadia, Lobster, and UMaine

  1. Marsha says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lobster. Send me one of your 6 or better yet, buy me 6 and send them. One of the things we do is visit different campuses. We have 3 campuses we haven’t had time to blog about yet. I will probably do that when we are in Ohio and not sightseeing so much. Love the pictures of the trail. it looks lovely.

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