Rock Climbers in Franconia State Park

On the final day of our stay in New Hampshire, we took a long motorcycle ride through the mountains to the town of Conway (Starbucks location) and back by way of the Kankamagus Highway, a beautiful winding two lane road along a stream full of rapids and falls.  As we road through the Franconia Notch we decided to stop and see if there were any rock climbers along the rock wall we were passing.  At first glance it appeared the rock wall was empty but a closer look with binoculars revealed some climbers.

With the naked eye - see any climbers?

A little closer - at least 5 climbers are visible

Full zoom - 2 of the 5, 3 climbers are below these if you look at the previous picture

On Sunday we left the Twin Mountain KOA and headed east into Maine.  We have a week’s stay booked at Pumpkin Patch RV Park outside of Bangor.  This is our type of park – no amenities.  This means no swimming pool, no playground, no game room, and as a result, no k**ds.  Don’t misunderstand, we love children (with 60 years of working in education between us), just not right outside our door.

Our site at Pumpkin Patch RV Park

Tomorrow is predicted to be a beautiful day so we plan to head for Acadia National Park to spend some time riding the carriage trails with the bicycles.  We’ve been there before so we know that it is a great place to ride.  There is also the opportunity to enjoy some of Maine’s finest delicacy – – – fresh lobster!

Following our week here in Maine we will continue our trip into Canada for an extended stay on Prince Edward Island.  Hey, does anybody out there work?  It certainly isn’t us, and it certainly isn’t our blogging friends Paul and Marsha who are relaxing in a COE park near Little Rock, AK.  The weather here is a bit warm today but we bet it is much cooler than Little Rock!


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2 Responses to Rock Climbers in Franconia State Park

  1. Deb says:

    I just finished a book on the adolescent brain and resulting behaviors. Perhaps you should write one on the retiree brain? I’m not sure you know the science behind it, but you have perfected the resulting behaviors! HA! Enjoy the lobster. With, or without melted butter?

  2. Marsha says:

    We visited Acadia National Park with the kids many years ago. Loved that area. You have awesome pictures! I want some fresh lobsters….NOW! You two just missed the royalty at Prince Edward Island. We just saw them on TV.
    We are definitely NOT working! You two are also having too much fun…is there such a thing? it has been between 90-100 all week. YIKES!

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