Mountains of New Hampshire

After two weeks in Clayton, NY along the St. Lawrence, we headed east through northern New York, Vermont, and into New Hampshire where we have a reservation at Twin Mountains KOA for six days.  We normally do not stay at KOAs as they usually have narrow sites, can be a bit expensive, and have many things to do (playground, pool, etc.).  You may think that having activities is a bonus, but we don’t see it that way.  The more activities a park has, the more you experience the dreaded “k” word – – – kids ! ! !  We have learned that a park with less to do has less k**s and is, therefore, much quieter.  But this park is owned by Tyson and Barb Taylor, who we met at a Discovery (the model of our motorhome) rally in Florida last January, so we decided to give them a little bit of business.  The Taylor’s purchased the campground just before it closed for the season last year, so this is their first full year as camp owners and hosts.  The campground is very nice and centrally located in the White Mountains, where there are many things to do and places to explore.

Entrance to Twin Mountains KOA

We were beginning to question the need to tow a trailer with the motorcycle and front wheels of the car around with us, as we hadn’t ridden the motorcycle much since our stay in the Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina in November.  Loading and unloading the car and bike is a great deal of work, while just towing the car alone would be much easier.  Well, yesterday we remembered why we go to all that trouble as we took a long motorcycle ride through the White Mountains, highlighted by a ride eight miles up the side of Mt. Washington.  Mt. Washington is the highest point in the northeastern U.S. at 6,288 feet and claims to have the worst weather in the country.  There are three ways to get up the mountain: hike one of the trails, take a cog railroad ride, or drive up the Mt. Washington Auto Road.  Three years ago we road the bike up the road on a beautiful day and were treated to wonderful views.  This time we were not so fortunate, as the day was cloudy and the top of mountain was in those clouds.  The road is narrow, with barely enough room for two cars to pass, steep, full of curves, and, in one two mile stretch, unpaved (although the gravel is very smooth).

The mountain from below

One of many stops for radiator water

Un-paved section on the way up

Nearing the top

The visitor's center in the cloud

Beauty on the summit

In 1934 the highest recorded surface wind was measured at the summit clocking in at 231 mph!  At that speed its difficult to keep even buildings on the ground.  Note the chains securing the building below.

The cog railroad heads down the mountain

Heading down through the clouds

The way down

Lodge at the mountain's base

After a ride like that, one needs nourishment so we headed to the town of Conway for a stop at the local Starbucks.  What a life ! ! !

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1 Response to Mountains of New Hampshire

  1. Marsha says:

    What beautiful pictures. We have never been there. I have to convince Paul that we need to go East one of these years. I like the caption…Beauty on the Mountain. Very true. Enjoy the ride!

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