Back “Home” in York

Since we sold our house and live full time in the motorhome, the concept of home has be come an internal one, rather than an external one since home is where ever we park.  But since we lived in the small community of Shrewsbury in southern York County, PA for twenty-five years, we do look at this area as home territory.

After some time in Ohio and Indiana for some work on the motorhome, we arrived in York on May 13th.  We needed to do some things to get legal driving in Pennsylvania, like getting the motorhome and car inspected and taking a driving test.  In PA vehicles must be inspected annually by a licensed mechanic and the stickers on both vehicles had long ago expired.  Also, like most states Pennsylvania requires an upgrade in a driver’s license to operate any vehicle over 26,001 pounds.  To obtain this upgrade, called a non-commercial class B license, you must first obtain a learners permit, then take an on road driving test.  I’ve been driving this motorhome for two years without the proper license and have always been concerned about it, so while in Florida I was able to schedule an appointment to take the test during our stay in PA.  This was quite an accomplishment in itself as I had twice before obtained a learners permit but couldn’t get a test appointment while in the state so they both expired as they were only valid for one year.  There is no information from the DOT on exactly what would be required for the exam so, other than studying the procedure for checking air brakes) I went in a bit in the dark about what I would need to do.  But other than the down pour of rain occurring during the exam, it was fairly sensible, with a brief parking exercise and a road test.  Other than failing to know the minimum tire depth allowed (?) I passed and am now legal to drive the motorhome!

Following the exam we drove about 30 miles east to attend a small rally of Discovery Owners in Lancaster, PA, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.   The group of eleven coaches met at The Old Mill Stream Campground, located right next to Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park.  Dutch Wonderland is a small park for young children.  The blue to the left of our coach in the background of the picture below is the roller coaster, which only ran until about six in evening.

Saturday morning brought a small delivery vehicle with fresh baked goods right to your door.

Since the Amish are a bit “touchy” about having their picture taken, the photo above was secretly taken through our bedroom window.  We hope any Amish reading this blog will forgive us!

We returned to our spot west of York where we will stay for the next few weeks visiting friends and medical people.  There is a great rail trail nearby that we have tried to visit on a daily basis.  In our spare time we will be working as day laborers at the residence of a certain “princess” who lives in the area (daughter Jessica).

Next stop is Clayton, New York for a visit with Pam’s mother . . .

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4 Responses to Back “Home” in York

  1. Marsha says:

    CONGRATULATIONS John. Good going.
    Pictures are beautiful. So glad you are “home” safely. Enjoy visiting friends and family.
    The park looks gorgeous. You need to post more pictures of that area.
    We would weigh a ton if a “bakery” delivery came to our door every day!

  2. Deb Dominick says:

    Southern York County was glad to welcome you back!

  3. Rachel says:

    Congratulations on passing your test. I’m glad they didn’t give you the hard test since you didn’t get to study. Being legal is a good thing. I wonder how many other drivers of motorhomes are not licensed. I always leave plenty of room for them on the road anyway. Mom would be proud of the fridge. Everyone has to have priorities, and that should be one of them.

  4. Jill E. says:

    John – was great to see you at graduation! Keep on living the good life – although you are missed!

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