Repairs and Renovations

When last we posted we were sitting in a Wal-Mart parking lot north of Lexington, KY.  The next day we drove about 200 miles to the small town of Celina, OH just east of the Indiana state line, to visit Cruising America, a small RV renovation company, to have window awnings and a residential refrigerator installed in our motorhome.  Kevin Mallory, the owner, and his trusted sidekick John, formerly worked at the Fleetwood plant where our Discovery motorhome was built and are very knowledgeable about our home.  The installation of awnings was first on the list and completed during our first day of the visit.  When we arrived in Celina we had rented a spot at the Mercer County Fairgrounds about a mile from the shop, intending to take the motorhome to Cruising America during the day and return to the fairgrounds at night.  But once the awnings were installed Kevin wanted to avoid driving the motorhome for a day to allow the sealant time to set, so he backed us out of the garage, provided an electrical outlet, and we settled in for the night.

New Awnings at Cruising America

While the awnings were being installed, we drove about 20 miles to Wapakoneta, OH to visit a Lowes and pick out a new refrigerator.  As we wrote in the previous post, the gas absorption refrigerator installed at the factory was beginning to give us problems and was very unreliable in providing consistent cooling.  So we decided to do what many full-time motorhome residents are doing and install an all electric residential refrigerator. Fortunately, we were able to find the perfect fridge on the display floor and arrange for delivery the next morning.   Kevin and John began work early the next day to remove the old refrigerator and prep the space for the new one.   This included removing one of the windows to pass out the old and pass in the new, as the door is too narrow to allow for this.  When the new refrigerator arrived, four of us slid the old one out the window and the new one in.  Fortunately, the new refrigerator fit into the opening left by the old one with little alteration necessary.

Old gas absorption refrigerator

New residential electric refrigerator

We are very happy with both upgrades completed by Kevin and John at Cruising America RV.  If you have a motorhome and are looking for a good company, this is it!  Next year we plan to upgrade our inside window shades and so we will be returning to Celina, OH to have them do the installation.

After four days in Celina (including the weekend spent at the fairgrounds) we moved about 30 miles west to Decatur, IN, home of Fleetwood RV, to have two repairs completed.  We had a venting problem with one of our waste tanks which prevented us from using the clothes washer unless connected to a sewer.  Also, we had a slide topper that needed repair (a slide topper is an awning attached to the top of a slide out to keep dirt and debris off the top of the slide).  The techs at Decatur are very good and, since they built our motorhome, know how to fix problems properly.  The repair facility has a motorhome parking area with electricity so we could stay there overnight.  They take your motorhome into the shop promptly at 6 AM, so we knew we would have some time on our hands early in the morning with no home to sit in.    We took the opportunity to drive about a hundred miles north to Elkhart, IN to visit Bradd and Hall RV Renovators.  Elkhart is known as the RV capitol of America as many RV manufacturers are located in the area.  With so many RV companies around, the area is also home to many companies that provide parts and service to the industry.  Bradd and Hall specialize in furniture and interior renovations for motorhomes.  Our coach came with two “European recliners” with footstools that look very comfortable until you sit in one for a while.  The stools also take up considerable space and need to be stored on top of the chairs when travelling.  We saw some nice recliners on the Bradd and Hall web site so we decided to visit their showroom to try them out.  Well, it didn’t take long sitting in one of them for us to purchase two chairs.  The next day repairs at the Fleetwood facility were completed so we left the car and trailer (with motorcycle) in the Fleetwood parking area and drove the motorhome to Elkhart to pick up the new chairs.  What a difference!  The new chairs are much more comfortable and match the sofa and front seats in the motorhome.  They are wall hugging recliners that fit into the space in the slide out much nicer than the original chairs.

Old chairs with stools

New recliners

After returning to Decatur with our new chairs we decided to spend another night in the repair lot since the facility provides such a luxurious setting.

The next morning we left Decatur for a two day drive to visit our daughter, Jessica, in our former home of York, PA.  Aside from attending a Discovery Owners rally in nearby Lancaster, PA for a few days next week, we will be in the York area for about three weeks visiting friends, polishing the motorhome, car, and motorcycle, and taking care of medical appointments.  Most importantly, Queen Pamela has a visit to the “Day Spa” for an upgrade on her coiffure (for those of you with a weird imagination, that means hairstyle).

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4 Responses to Repairs and Renovations

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    PA eagerly awaits your arrival! Should we plan to find you in a Wal-Mart lot, or are you in luxury accommodations? That Decatur macadam looks hard to beat.

  2. Tom Stack says:

    oh my god oh my god oh my god you are back in york county?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Coming to southern York county at all?? AKA NEW FREEDOM!!! If so, i work at bonkeys in new freedom, monday and fri 3-9, tues 6-9 and sunday 12-9. a visit would be much appreciated or which would be better is to meet up at the local coffee shack near Giant called Starbucks, have a coffee and chat some things up! I MISS YOU MR WRIGHT! Okay im obviously very excited at the chance of running into you but that is beside the point….okay maybe not but uh yeah!

  3. Marsha says:

    We are so glad you love the refrig. Believe me…we can drive for 5 hours and not turn on the generator and when we get to our next stop everything is still very cold and frozen. We met two really neat people in Livingston and they have a Phaeton. They were on their way to Red Bay to have some work done and had the same refrig. put in. They love it also. So glad it worked out for you two.

    We definitely have to keep up on where we are both going. We would really enjoy meeting up with you two. We are headed for Canton some time the middle of July. We think we will be there for about 3-4 weeks. We’ll have to see where you two are.

    Thanks for the remark about the trivet. I LOVE doing these. All my first tries stay with me. Too many mistakes and experimenting. I am now making my first basket for one of our daughters. I even had Paul burn a design on the bottom on the basket. Hopefully it turns out as good as I want.

    The awnings are beautiful. They match so nicely. The new chairs are awesome. Boy you two are going to have a new home when you get finished!
    We want to some day get to Elkhart. I would like to see all the RV stores. Everyone says it is super.

    You look soooooo relaxed and enjoying the warm weather. Enjoy visiting your daughter.

    What is your email address. I didn’t have it, so I just sent my email here.


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