Laying Low in Lexington

We left Destin, FL Saturday morning and drove to Atlanta for a brief visit with our son, Kevin.  After a two night stay at Jones RV Park (basically a gravel lot with hookups) and a nice visit with Kevin, we drove north on Monday morning heading for Ohio.  We are going there to have a bit of work done to the motorhome.  Last year at a Fleetwood (makers of our motorhome) Rally we met Kevin Mallory, a former employee of Fleetwood who has opened his own business working on motorhomes.  We stopped at his shop in Celina, OH last summer for a new TV antenna and to have some fire extinguishers installed.  This year he is going to install awnings over the windows on the drivers side of the coach, which will help cut down heat from the sun during the day.  He is also going to install a residential refrigerator to replace the gas absorption one installed by the manufacturer.  The gas one has the advantage of working either on electricity or propane, so we can use it without being plugged in at a park.  But this type of refrigerator is notoriously unreliable and we have had the temperature inside ours vary from 55 degrees to 32 degrees.  Since we are rarely without power at a park for any length of time we are going to do what many others have done, have a home style refrigerator installed.  A fellow full-time blogger, Paul Weaver, did the conversion himself, but he has more skill and courage than us so we’ll have a pro do the work.  But thanks, Paul, for the information!

As we traveled north on I-75 we planned to make the 600 mile trip in two days, traveling 400 miles on Monday and 200 miles on Tuesday.  As we approached our day 1 destination of a Wal-Mart just north of Lexington, KY (in Georgetown) we ran into heavy rain.  It rained heavily all night and into Tuesday afternoon so, since we don’t like to travel in the rain, we are currently sitting comfortably in the Wal-Mart parking lot until Wednesday morning.

When we entered Kentucky Monday afternoon, we stopped at a rest area and walked around a bit to stretch our legs.  We found the temperature quite nice and warm.  Hours later as we stopped for fuel in Georgetown we were shocked to step outside, thinking we must have missed Ohio and traveled to Alaska, as the temperature had dropped to the mid-40s.  Now for residents of Alaska, a day in the mid 40s is reason to celebrate, but to someone who spent the past five months in Florida this was a shock to the system!

We left this . . .

For this ! ! !

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is predicted to be dry so we will be up early and continue the trip to Celina, were we will spend the rest of the week.  There is a big “Rib Fest” at the fairgrounds where we will be parked during our stay.  That may not excite the average person, but after sitting in the rain in a parking lot for two nights and a day, anything looks good ! ! !

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2 Responses to Laying Low in Lexington

  1. Marsha says:

    Go back…go back…go back! LOL
    You will love the refrig! We met people in Livingston three weeks ago. I showed Jan my refrig. They went to Red Bay and had one put in. Enjoy

  2. Paul Weaver says:

    That’s the Ohio I remember and left ……dark, gray, cold, and wet…..LOL
    Hope you enjoy your new refrigerator.

    Paul Weaver, full-timer
    formerly from Canton, OH

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