The Blue Angels

When we were working we would arise each morning at 4:45 AM, head to the high school weight room for a 40 minute work-out, then return home for showers, breakfast, and the beginning of the work day.  But those days are long gone and now days one of us arises at about 6:45 while the other may make an appearance at about 8:00 (if we are lucky!).  Yesterday (Tuesday) we were up at the crack of 5:45 to be ready to drive about 2 hours west of Miramar Beach to Pensacola, FL to visit the Naval Air Station there, home to the National Naval Air Museum and the Blue Angels.  The Blue Angels are the Navy’s demonstration team and perform at air shows throughout the country.  Beginning each year in March they rehearse over NAS Pensacola each Tuesday and Wednesday mornings beginning at 8:30.  The museum is right next to the runway and has a viewing area with bleachers for spectators.

It was quite the exciting demonstration with jets roaring right over your head only a few feet apart.  But the conservative in me kept wondering the purpose of the group and the amount of my tax dollars necessary to maintain it.  It doesn’t seem to be the correct role of government to entertain me, but maybe I’m just unaware of the purpose of the group or just to cheap!

The museum was really a great experience.  It is filled with all types of aircraft used by the Navy since it acquired it’s first plane just before WWI.  We spent more than six hours enjoying the exhibits, including a nice lunch in the museum’s cafe which is a reconstruction of the Officer’s Club from the former American air base at Subic Bay in the Philippines.  It was built using material from the Subic Bay base, NAS Cubi Point, taken by some of the last Naval personnel assigned to the base before we turned it back over to the Filipino military.  Apparently the government of the Philippines didn’t want their former colonial rulers to have a military presence on their soil.  Maybe if we gave them land in San Francisco Bay where they could have a base for their navy, they would have let us stay.

All in all, a great day (with a stop at Starbucks for a cold drink on the ride home)!

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1 Response to The Blue Angels

  1. Marsha says:

    This is one experience we want to do when we are back in that area. Enjoy the ride.

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