Boo, Dolphins, and Dining in Destin

Well, we are now about half way through our stay here in Miramar Beach along the panhandle of Florida near Destin.  Other than a couple of cool and windy days, the weather here has been very nice.  We spend our days taking long walks and even longer bicycle rides.

One day we rode our bikes to a local Barnes and Nobles to check our their selection.  In the entrance was a display of a book a golfer named Boo Weekly has written about his life as a player on the PGA tour.  A sign informed us that Boo would be there that day for a book signing, beginning at 7:00 PM.  Since it was already 6:00 and there was  small Starbucks in the store (who knew?),  we decided to have a treat and wait to see Boo.  We watch golf on TV each week and have seen him play many times.

Boo is a local boy, growing up just outside of nearby Pensacola and has that southern drawl and friendly personality.  We didn’t buy his book (not interested in “gator catchin'”) but did enjoy seeing him.  We are sure he would have rather been somewhere else that day playing in a gold tournament, as it was Saturday at the Masters!

One morning we took a short bike ride along Old Route 98 along the Gulf of Mexico to have breakfast on the beach at “The Whale’s Tail.”

The food was just average but the view was wonderful.  While there were no whales in sight, we were treated to a group of at least six adult dolphins playing just off the coast in front of the restaurant.

Today (Sunday) we rode the bicycles about ten miles west to the harbor of Destin to a tourist stop called Harborwalk Village.  It has a beautiful new hotel called the Emerald Grande and a small walk way along the water with shops and restaurants.

We found a seat at a table along the water next to the hotel to enjoy a bit of refreshment after our long ride.  Experts say it is important to stay hydrated during a long ride and we certainly want to follow their directions.  Some of the bicyclists who flew by us on the highway dressed like Lance Armstrong carried a bottle of liquid to drink while riding.  But we decided to just stop and relax for our re-hydration experience.

After proper re-nourishment (we also split an entrée) we headed back to Miramar Beach.  Some of the ride was along the main highway (Rte. 98) using sidewalks but most is along the beach road (Old Rte. 98) on a bike path that goes through a number of vacation rental home and condo areas along the Gulf of Mexico.

Sadly, our vacation stay here ends in about two weeks.  It will be difficult to leave this area after a restful and enjoyable stay and head back to our normal routine!  Wait . . .  This is our normal routine!

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