Back to the Beach

For the past 10 days we have been at Lazydays RV Park in Seffner, Fl, which is just east of Tampa, attending two RV rallies.  The first was a Fleetwood Rally (our coach is made by Fleetwood), followed by a Discovery Rally (our Fleetwood coach model is a Discovery).  RV rallies consist of seminars dealing with motorhome maintenance/care and social activities.  The main social activity is an evening meal followed by entertainment (musical groups, comedians, DJs, etc.).  We had a busy 10 days filled with education (the seminars), golf, and visiting with friends we have met in our travels.  If you have ever played golf with strangers you know that by the end of the round they seem like old friends.  That is the way it is with people with an RV.  Although we have only met some of the people for a short time earlier in our travels, they seem like old friends and it was great to see them again and share some time.

But rallies can get a bit tiresome so we were excited to move south and return to the park where we spent over two weeks in December, Holiday Cove in Cortez, Fl.  The park is within walking distance of Bradenton Beach and only 3 miles from a Starbucks, two top criteria for a successful park (in some peoples opinion).  We will now be here until the end of March.

Holiday Cove RV Resort

The weather is quite warm here making it necessary to turn on the A/C during the brief trip from Lazydays to Cortez (about 50 miles) to insure we did not become overheated.  This morning it was 67 degrees so it was time to suck it up and sit outside to watch the Today Show while enjoying a little liquid refreshment.

Brrr . . . 9:00 on a cold February morning ! ! !

It is suppose to be in the upper 70s today so a brief (? ? ?) trip to the beach may be in order.  Man, this retirement thing sure is strenuous ! ! !



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3 Responses to Back to the Beach

  1. Tom Stack says:

    SO JEALOUS!!! Walked to class on solid ice and 27 degree weather today!!! Hope all is going well for you guys. I miss our almost daily chats Mr. Wright, Your input and view was always appreciated, and you helped out a lot!!! Thanks! I also bring good news today. Unsure if you have heard yet or not, but the arsonists were caught and now are in jail. Link posted at the bottom of the message. Hope you enjoy the Floridian weather and retirement, you guys deserve it (esp with the Starbucks, so refreshing)!!

    –Tom Stacharowski

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Also, thanks for the link as I had not even thought about those fires in a long time. I’m really glad they caught them, and that they were not Susky students!

      • Tom Stack says:

        Mr. Wright,
        I was in the same boat with not having thought about them in a long time until my neighbors was torched a week before thanksgiving. it was scary!!! But Enjoy the warmth, and retirement!! Talk with you later

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