Back North for January

OK, so we are not exactly in the “north”, but have moved from our December stay in Bradenton Beach to a park about a hundred miles to the north in Bushnell, Florida.  We would have stayed in Bradenton but the park is full for January.  However, we will return there for February.  That park is very nice, while very expensive.  But it is within walking distance of the beach so well worth the money.  Our Christmas stay in Bradenton was also “enhanced” with a visit from our daughter, Jessica.

While the weather during her stay was a bit cooler than she would have liked, it was a great deal warmer than home in York, PA!

Our stay in Bushnell is in a new park called Paradise Oaks.  Since the park is new, they are offering a very low rate for a one month stay, which is all we needed for January.  The park is pleasant but only about half full.  Our site is pictured below.

As you can see, we have a large, grassy spot with a new concrete pad.  The park has a club house,  large pool, and a hot tub.  So why is it only half full?  The first night we were here we think we may have found the answer.  Across the highway, hidden by trees we discovered these:

In the second photo, if you knew where to look, you would be able to pick our our motorhome just above and to the left of the white sign facing the road.  That gives you an idea of the distance “from us to them.”   And notice the photographer is standing on an un-gated crossing.  That means the conductor needs to “blow his horn”  approaching it, and train horns are very, very loud!  After the first night when at least three trains passed by, we began exploring other parks in the area.  But the second night was much quieter (with only two trains!) so we are in a wait-and-see mode for a while.

This afternoon we had lunch at a restaurant near Orlando with our friends from Pennsylvania, the Englers.  Darryl and I worked together for many years at the Southern York County School District.  He and wife, Pat, spend much of their time commuting between Glen Rock and Orlando, where their daughter, Lori, lives while working for Disney.  All three Englers were able to come so we enjoyed catching up on their lives.

Lori has never been in a motorhome so asked about how much room we had.  That reminded me that someone else had also asked the same question:  How much more room do you get when you extend the slides?  Below shows the living area when the slide-outs are brought in for traveling.

You can see a narrow aisle leading to the TV.  It’s a bit tight but you can then walk from the front seats to the bedroom (and, more importantly, the bathroom) while on the road.  But when parked, we extend the side slide-outs for a more comfortable situation.

The photo below shows what the motorhome looks like with the slide-outs in and ready for travel.

Once parked, the slide-outs are extended and the motorhome looks like this.

Thanks for checking us out.  Hope you have a great new year ! ! !




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1 Response to Back North for January

  1. Jill E. says:

    Happy New Year to you both! I love to keep up with your adventures. I’m at the beach now, but in New Jersey about we have about 4 inches of snow! Keep enjoying life!

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