Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Last Wednesday we drove south from Spartanburg, SC  to just north of Atlanta and set up shop at Jones RV Park, which is basically a gravel area with hook-ups.  But it is only about 12 miles from our son, Kevin, where we will spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

On Thursday morning Kevin ran in the Atlanta half-marathon, which started and ended in the parking lot of Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves.  It was a bit overcast but warm and humid, causing a great deal of perspiration by the participants (but don’t worry, we didn’t sweat at all while watching the runners).

Up a Hill at Mile 11

Kevin finished in great form with a very good time.  Last year he ran in the full marathon (which was not held this year) so a half marathon was well within his ability.

Since (daughter) Jessica was arriving on Friday, we planned to have a turkey dinner then  and thought we would go out to eat on Thursday.  Apparently people in most restaurants enjoy a day off more than serving hungry America, so we ended up with a very nutritious meal at the local Steak and Shake!  Jessica arrived safely on Friday and the four of us enjoyed a great turkey dinner with all the trimmings Friday afternoon prepared  by Chef Pamela.

On Friday morning one of us was checking things behind the motorhome and, since it was early and we are parked close to a motorhome on our right, he tried to stay off the noisy gravel and walk on what little grass was available.  In doing so, he violated one of the fundamentals of living in a motorhome:  Watch where you are going!  The bedroom slide sticks out about two feet and is about five and a half feet off the ground.  Ouch ! ! !

On Friday afternoon we headed east to Stone Mountain, which is essentially a huge granite boulder.  One of the tourist books described the hike to the top as an easy to moderate walk.  We’d hate to see what they consider a moderate to difficult climb!

The Ascent/Descent

Pam and Jessica on the very windy mountain top.


Sunday was clear but cold.  The ladies made a visit to Atlantic Station, a shopping area, while the men took to the air for a flight to Chattanooga, TN.  Kevin spent the morning flying with his flight instructor then took his father up for the one hour flight north in the afternoon.

Pre-Flight Check


The Controls in a Cessna

The Approach to Chattanooga

Return to Peachtree-Dekalb Airport

On Monday we visited the “World of Coke” in downtown Atlanta, the birthplace of the drink.  At $15 each to enter and $10 to park, it was an expensive commercial for Coca-Cola.  If you didn’t know better, you would leave thinking that Coke is a health drink that is saving the world.  The story of the development of the drink that is presented leaves a few “details” out, like where the name “Coke” comes from.  There is no mention of the inclusion of five ounces of Coca leaves per gallon of syrup in the original recipe, which was a pretty strong dose of cocaine.  But at the time (1880s) many medicines contained some cocaine and Coke was originally marketed as a medicine.  Later, when the addictive qualities of cocaine were discovered, the drug was removed.

The highlight of the visit is the opportunity to taste Coke products from around the world for free.  Apparently they forgot that we paid $15 to get in the door!

"Free" Sample Dispenser

Djibouti has it’s own Coca-Cola drink!  Who knew?  Quick quiz: What is the capital of Djibouti?

It has been a great visit, but the weather is a bit cool in the Atlanta area so it is almost time to head south.  Jessica flies home on Tuesday and we head for Savannah on Wednesday for a week.  After that its sunny (and warm) Florida!

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7 Responses to Thanksgiving in Atlanta

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    Oh, please! Djibouti (City). Even my students know that one. They (at least the males) find Djibouti to be a hilarious word, and saying Djibouti, Djibouti sends them over the edge. Speaking of over the edge, are you sure that the gash on your head is not from Pam pushing you over the edge of Stone Mountain?

    Back to the Coke products– I looked at the countries in your picture. They can not feed the people in most of those countries, but they have their own Coke drink. They are just keeping me in curriculum (Go North Korea!)

  2. Darryl J. Engler says:

    What, no “Beverly” from Italy?

  3. Rachel says:

    Go Kevin! Jamie and Aaron ran in the Philadelphia Marathon the week before Thanksgiving. I didn’t sweat either (while watching on TV).

  4. I noticed that all of you looked very different on this blog than your current ones ! I think your hikes in Utah suits you well and you all looks good!
    Stone Mountain in November seems crowded! Glad we were there a week ago.

    • placestheygo says:

      Nice that you noticed the transformations. The only one that hasn’t ( any doesn’t need to) lost weight is our son. Our daughter has lost 80 pounds and now runs all the time and just finished her first half marathon. Both John and I have lost weight, as well. Definitely the miles hiking is a huge help. We need some repeat pictures this next Thanksgiving!! The trail was very crowded…Thanksgiving vacation!!

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