Goodbye Myrtle; Hello Gaffney

We have enjoyed almost 3 weeks of sunny skies and warm temperatures in North Myrtle Beach.  Our intention was to stay a week, but the nice weather and a great park with friendly people convinced us to extend our stay not once, but twice.  But now it is time to move on.

Our motorhome is made by Fleetwood but is built on a chassis built by Freightliner, which is headquartered in Gaffney, SC.  Below is what the chassis, built in Gaffney,  looks like before it is sent to Fleetwood, where the rest of the motorhome is built.

Freightliner builds the frame and adds the engine (built by Cummins), the transmission (built by Allison), and the brake and steering systems.  We are in Gaffney at their coach service center to have the annual maintenance completed.  Our appointment is for Wednesday but we drove up from Myrtle Beach today (Monday) as rain is scheduled for all day Tuesday, and we hate driving in the rain.  Freightliner has an area next to the service center with electrical hook-ups for their customers who stay the night.  We will stay here for three nights, or until our coach is serviced.

Our Home in Gaffney

The site is not much to look at, but the price is right (no charge if you are a customer).

We have reservations at a small park just down the road in Spartanburg, SC for three night, beginning Thursday.  If we like the park, we will stay longer.  We will be in Atlanta next Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with our children, Kevin and Jessica (sounds funny to call adults “children” but that is what they are to us).  After Atlanta it is time to turn the coach in a southerly direction and head toward Florida to suffer through the winter.


More on that later . . .



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  1. We were just there in late August. From your shot, you look like you are in the same slot we were. Here is the link to our blog while we were there. If you haven’t seen some of these sites, you may want to. Enjoy.…Gaffney

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