Minding Time in Myrtle

We’ve been spending the last week enjoying ourselves in North Myrtle Beach.  Last Wednesday five Fleetwood Discovery coaches (the model of our motorhome) parked around us.  They turned out to be a sub group of the Discovery Owner’s Association that we belong to and were parked across from us at a rally we attended in September in Sevierville, TN.  They represented the area chapter of the Discovery Group that includes our (former) home in Pennsylvania, so we decided to join the chapter and hang out with them while they were in Myrtle.  The group ate together each night (twice at restaurants and twice in the parks club house) and socialized during the day.  Two of the men were golfers, so I got to enjoy a round with them.  Larry and Mary Anne Weinberg decided to stay on an extra day so Larry and I enjoyed a second round on Sunday.

Our home in North Myrtle Beach

Now that the group has departed, we are back to the grind (Starbucks and the beach) by ourselves during the day.

We have an appointment  for coach servicing (oil change, etc.) at the Freightliner plant in Gaffney, SC on November 17th so our travel plans will revolve around that date.  The chassis (frame with wheels, engine, and transmission) of our motorhome was built by Freighliner in Gaffney, so it is a good place to have any service work completed.  We think it is a good idea to have the work done now so we will not have to deal with it on the way north in the Spring.  We have decided to stay here for the next week as the weather is improving and we like the beach.  But the park has a rally coming in on Thursday that will use the spot we are in so we will need to move the coach a few spaces down the road.  Then we’ll head up to Gaffney (about 250 miles) before moving down to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with the “children” at Kevin’s house.

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