Asheboro, NC

We left Mount Airy, NC yesterday just before lunch and drove about 2 hours to the south east to a small campground just south of Asheboro, NC called Zooland Family Campground.

We were a little leery of a campground called “Zooland” as, after spending all those years in schools, Zooland sounds a bit too much like where we worked.  But the on-line reviews were good and it was right on the way to Myrtle Beach, so we decided to stop for two nights and check out the area.  The name comes from the North Carolina Zoo Park which is in the Asheboro area and the park is very nice and quiet (and mostly empty).  We leave tomorrow, which is just in time as they are full for the weekend with families and many Halloween activities.  That would be too many children and too much noise for us, so we’re glad to be moving on!

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will leave in the morning and finish the trip to Myrtle Beach,  where we have a reservation at a large park called Briarcliffe RV Resort.   We may stay there a bit longer than a week, but we’ll see.

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