The Return of Sky King

OK, I’m showing my age with this title.  If anyone is reading this blog, it is doubtful that you ever heard of the old TV show “Sky King.”

The show ran on TV from 1952 to 1959 and always began with the announcer saying “Out of the blue of the western sky comes . . . . . . Sky King!” with a Cessna aircraft swooping into view.  I loved that show as a kid.

Today we had a return visit from our own version of Sky King in a Cessna.  Son Kevin flew into Knoxville from his home in Atlanta for a brief visit.  He left Atlanta about 11:00 and arrived in Knoxville about an hour later.  We tracked the flight on so we knew where he was throughout the flight.

A Perfect Landing

Taxi in to park

The Pilot

We then drove into Knoxville to a nice restaurant along the Tennessee River with Nyland Stadium in the background and had a nice lunch on their deck.  Then back to the airport for takeoff and a return flight to Atlanta.

Preparing for Take-Off

The Take-Off

Up and Away

A speck over Knoxville

OK, that last picture is a little shaky, but that is Kevin’s plane in the upper left (although it does look like a piece of dirt on the lens).  We had a nice visit and plan on seeing him soon at another airport as we head east and south in the future.

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3 Responses to The Return of Sky King

  1. Darryl says:

    Some of us (older than you) do remember Sky King!
    But wouldn’t that be the EASTERN SKY from Atlanta?

  2. Deb Dominick says:

    Although I am MUCH younger than the 2 of you, I have heard of Sky KIng. I think that I read about it once in my American History textbook. The scenery looks gorgeous. I have not been to the Smokies area in many years, but I remember it as a very green place. What a neat way to get together with Kevin!

  3. Sue says:

    WE definitely remember SKY KING and (unfortunately) reference it regularly. I’m having a ball going back through your old blogs – back before we knew who these Wright’s were! I was checking your blog for Henry Ford Museum and just followed the line of blogs along from there! You’ve certainly had a good time since the beginning!

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