Cades Cove

We continue our stay in Heiskill, TN at an Escapees RV Club park just north of Knoxville called Raccoon Valley.  Yesterday, Wednesday, was a beautiful day (sunny, mid 70s) so we rode the motorcycle into the Smoky Mountains National Park to a valley called Cades Cove.

Cades Cove is a valley in the Smokies first settled by the Cherokee.  European settlers arrived in the 1820s and a small community of farmers existed there until the National Park Service took over the area in the 1920s.  Most of the modern structures were destroyed but the park restored some of the early buildings and built an 11 mile loop road around the valley.

The John Oliver House - first in the Cove

The Cove from Oliver's house

Cleared field in Cades Cove

The Loop Road

What trip would be complete without a stop for refreshments.  Pam may not know north from south on a map and rarely knows where we are, but she can spot a Starbucks from miles away.  We stopped just south of Knoxville across from the airport for a little cold refreshment, then made our way back to the park for a community dinner with other “residents”.  A great ending to a great day.

Thanks for checking us out ! ! !

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