New York State of Mind

After a week in Ottawa, Ontario we crossed back into the US at the Thousand Islands bridge on I-81 and drove ten miles along the St. Lawrence River to Clayton, NY, home to Pam’s mother, Fran.  We planned on staying at her house, but when you have a 41′ motorhome and trailer, finding a place to park is a bit of a challenge.  But Fran’s friend, retired dentist John Eppolito, came to the rescue and allowed us to back into an old drive along side of his house.

Eppolito's "Campground"

He even ran an extension cord out from his garage, which gives us enough power to run the refrigerator and keep the batteries charged.  The fridge would run on LP gas if no electricity was available, but it is much more efficient on electric.  We sure appreciate the hospitality.

Clayton is a neat little town right on the St. Lawrence River.  The house is only one block from the river, but for a hundred years had no river view due to the Frink’s Snowplow Company.  But a few years ago the plant was torn down and, at least for the foreseeable future, you can see the river from the front porch.

The "Front Porch"

River View from the Front Porch

Clayton's "Downtown"

Clayton Dock - a block from Fran's house

Clayton Dock - a block from Fran's house

Every morning after my walk I get the Watertown Times and sit by the river to read it and watch the world go by.  The main channel of the St. Lawrence Seaway is right in front of Clayton so you see all kinds of shipping vessels throughout the day as well as a wealth of pleasure craft, especially restored old wooden boats from the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton.

Saturday Clayton hosted the first annual River Rat Iron Man event.  You could enter as an individual or as a three person team.  The race consisted of a swim or kayak leg, an 18 mile bike ride, and a 5k run.  Organizers hoped for at least 30 entries and were thrilled as they had over 100!

It was a very nice event . . .

To all those teachers out there, thanks for getting all those kids off the streets and away from us during the day!  Yesterday was the first day of school at Southern.  To ease the pain of not being there, we took a long motorcycle ride through the Adirondack’s.  Actually, I forgot it was the first day of school until we stopped at the Starbuck’s in Watertown, so I guess I’m easing through the transition from work to the eternal weekend with little difficulty!

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3 Responses to New York State of Mind

  1. Jamie Miano says:

    I’m a little disappointed you weren’t participating in the triathlon instead of just taking pictures.

  2. Jill E. says:

    If you need some reminders of school, I would be happy to forward you some emails to remind you how lucky you are! Miss you though!

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