O’ Canada

We are in the midst of spending a week in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  Ottawa is a beautiful city at the confluence of the Rideau River and the Ottawa River.  The Rideau and the Rideau Canal meander through the city, with beautiful bike paths on either side of both waterways, until they empty into the Ottawa River next to the capital area of the city.  The canal is particularly beautiful and in the winter provides workers in the city with transportation into the city on the world’s longest ice rink.

At the end of the canal you go up a ramp to the main section of the capital.  The Parliament Building can be seen in the distance in the photos above.   The building sits on a high bluff with the Ottawa River behind it.

Ottawa has a number of interesting neighborhoods filled with restaurants, markets, and retail stores.  One area we liked and visited several times was the By-Way Market area, just across the canal from the Parliament.  It has an outdoor farmers’ market where all types of fresh vegetables are sold at very reasonable prices.

As you exit the canal bike path headed toward the Parliament Building you pass Canada’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It is guarded by two military sentinels who are changed every hour in a brief ceremony.  While it is nice, it is no where near as impressive as the changing of the guard at Arlington, VA.

The weather has been quite cool, especially at night when it drops down in the 50s.  It’s hard to relate to our son, Kevin, sweating in very high heat in Atlanta when we had our furnace come on last night!  Saturday we had to dig out the jeans to go to Starbucks!  it’s a tough life but someone has to live it.

Wednesday morning we head back south to the USA for a week or two in Clayton, NY along the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

More on that later . . .

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4 Responses to O’ Canada

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    From the uniforms to the architecture of Parliament, they are so very British!

    John, we miss you, especially your dry humor. Unfortunately, at the confluence of practicality and stupidity, you get Southern York County School District!

    Believe it or not, with my windows open, our heat attempted to come on this morning also–I squashed that quickly. We are expecting temps. in the 40’s tonight.


    • placestheygo says:

      One of the first things that we miss in retirement is the joy of the opening in-service meetings. I sat in a cafe on the St. Lawrence River on Thursday thinking that I would have been in a meeting at that exact time but, instead, had to enjoy a nice coffee with a beautiful view! We are looking forward to more things we “miss” about back-to-school time, especially when kids get out of our way as we visit new places and they return to the classroom where they belong 🙂 . . .

  2. Jennifer Berger says:

    Hey, I really miss you. I have been looking at colleges and the one I am thinking of going to just happens to be Lynchburg, VA. I was reading your blog and I think after all that you wrote about it I just might choose it.

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