Enjoying the “Big E”

Sorry for the delay in posting but when one is retired there is very little time available for these things!  We left Celina, OH over a week ago and headed for Erie, PA (hometown to one of the authors of this post) to relax and spend some time with relatives.  We have a nice site in the Sparrow’s Pond Campground, just outside the city.

Erie in the summer is one of the best kept secrets in Pennsylvania.  A large, arching peninsula known as Presque Isle surrounds the shore of the city providing beautiful beaches, a 14 mile bike trail, and a large bay area that is a deep water port.  We have spent two days sitting on the beach and have ridden bikes around it on two occasions.

File:Presque Isle Pennsylvania aerial view.jpg

On the family side, what brings us to visit, is the Miano family (or part of it).  Sister Patty and brother-in-law Bob live in Erie as do their son, Dan, and his wife, Jen, along with their children Nathan and Nicholas).  Last week we went to dinner with Patty and Bob then attended a free concert in nearby Frontier Park which is in a beautiful spot right along the bay.

The concert is part of a series for the summer called “8 Great Tuesdays” and featured two bands.  The headliners was a group called the Red Elvises, a Russian-American rock group that, from their web site, sounded like they would be very entertaining.  But that was not to be, as they ended up sounding like the band at a Ukrainian wedding reception.  Go to their web site and listen to musical clips to see what I mean.

The Mianos

These two have been together so long that they are beginning to morph into one creature!

The Wrights

Beach Six at "the Peninsula"

One evening we arranged to meet the Miano’s at one of our favorite restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings, for a meal and conversation.  We called as we left the motor home so they would arrive at the restaurant about the same time as we did.  When we arrived, we entered and found there was a wait and that the Miano’s had apparently not yet arrived.  We took a buzzer from the hostess and began our wait.  As we scanned the “specials” menu board we noticed that there were no entrees with buffalo wings.  That’s when we realized we were in the wrong restaurant!  Duh ! ! !  We were in an O’Charlies, which we now know is right next door to the Buffalo Wild Wings!  But, as you can see below, anyone could make the same mistake as the two restaurants look almost exactly the same!

Well, maybe not exactly the same, but close?  Maybe it was the onset of darkness  that caused the error.  OK, it was about 5:00pm.  Maybe the cause was . . . . .

OK, we just messed up!  But we had a good laugh as we gracefully exited O’Charlies and moved over to Buffalo Wild Wings, where the Miano’s had already taken a table and were wondering where we were.

We’ve extended our stay a few days as there is still much to do in the “Big E” and we are not sure where the next stop is, anyway,

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3 Responses to Enjoying the “Big E”

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    I don’t know– Pam is looking a little shaggy. Is there a swing by southcentral PA soon? Only kidding. How did you get the picture of Presque Isle? It looks as if you were in a plane. From a geography standpoint, it also looks very intriguing.

    As to the restaurant mixup, it could happen to anyone. It doesn’t, but it could.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves.

    • placestheygo says:

      The hair crisis has been resolved. It seems that there are hair salons in this corner of the state that have similar skills!

      I thought of giving this big song and dance about renting a plane so that I could take that great picture of the peninsula but . . .

      It is from Wikipedia (don’t tell the librarians).

  2. Kevin Wright says:

    I’ve resisted commenting on this story so far (pretending that my inheritance is not rolling down the highways of North America losing value by the mile) but the O’Charley’s/Wild Wings confusion really gives me a scary glimpse into my future. It confirms my fears about the hand I have been dealt.

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