Camp Fleetwood

One of the down sides of living in a home on wheels is that it sometimes requires repairs; not an easy task on the road.  When we moved into the motorhome in June, we discovered that one of the glass shower panels had developed cracks throughout.  We called Fleetwood, makers of our coach, and they had to order the entire glass enclosure as you could not just order one panel.  After covering the panel in plastic and enjoying a trip through Michigan, we drove to Fleetwood’s main repair facility located in Decatur, Indiana, about two miles from the plant where the coach was constructed.  The technicians in Decatur are the best and most knowledgeable about these coaches.  We arrived on Sunday afternoon and parked in the customer parking area next to the facility.  It is a large gravel lot filled with electrical outlets.  You chose a spot (each spot is numbered) and at 5:45 the next morning you report to the office to check in.  A repair tech is assigned to the job by 6:00 and walks with you to your coach then drives it into the repair garage (a “big” garage!).  Customers are allowed to stay in the coach, watch the repairs, wait in the customer lounge, or leave the premises.  At 2:00 the repair day ends and your coach is delivered back to your space.  If you are staying, you just return to the coach for the night or you pay your bill and go on your way.

What seemed like a pretty straight forward job turned into a two day affair, as the new enclosure did not fit, even though it was the correct number.  Since it took most of the day for the Fleetwood techs to contact the company that made the replacement to insure it was the correct number (it was but the manufacturer couldn’t explain why it would not fit), then try to find one at the assembly plant (no luck), the work day was over so the coach was returned to our parking spot for the night.  Ron, the technician, kindly left a note that said we could sleep in the next day as he would not be by to pick up the coach until 8:00 the next morning.  Ron was at our door promptly at 8:00 the next morning and proposed an adaptation to adapt the new enclosure.  We spent the day scouting out our next stop in Ohio and the coach was returned to our spot at 2:00.  We are please with the repair but have not seen the bill, so our feeling may change a bit once we pay.  But its only money and, if we run out, we have two loving and generous children who will care and pamper us, if needed, as we grow old!

"Camp" Fleetwood

“Camp” Fleetwood

Lakeside Camping

Lakeside Camping

Tomorrow we pay our bill and move 30 miles to Celina, Ohio where we will have automatic sprinklers installed in the engine bay and the refrigerator compartment, two areas of a coach where the potential of fire is the highest.  Then eastward, probably toward Erie, PA.

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4 Responses to Camp Fleetwood

  1. Jessica says:

    Let’s clarify this…you have one loving and generous child, and one child with enough money to actually support you.

  2. Jill E. says:

    Love reading your stories and adventures! Enjoy Erie – good memories from Presque Isle & the Millcreek Mall!

  3. Rachel Keaveney says:

    I knew Jessica would respond to this one, and I was wondering what Kevin thought about his inheritance enjoying the lakeside camping. Say hello to Erie for me.

  4. Debbie L says:

    We were curious about your coach so reading up as we travel up the road!
    This was the first time we’ve heard about the sprinkler system. First question Bill thought about was whether you use water – if so how extra to carry it? Or chemical – what’s the shelf life? Any problems with it?

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