Touring: Newmar and Notre Dame

We are currently parked in Elkart, Indiana as we move south to Decatur next week for repairs to our broken shower panel.  Elkart is a manufacturing town, concentrating on musical instruments, rvs, and manufactured homes.  Yesterday we drove 20 miles south to Nappanee, where Newmar motorhomes are assembled, as they had a tour available.  The tour was free and took about an hour and a half.  Our tour group consisted of only four other people so we were able to talk with the guide throughout the tour.

The picture above is of a Newmar 45′ Essex that will retail for $750,000 when completed.  One of the interesting things about motorhome construction is the method of moving the unit from one station to another.  If you look closely at the front wheel you can just see something under it.  One of these “pads” is under each wheel and is connected to a compressed air line.  The unit is then riding on a thin layer of air and can be pushed along from station to station by three or four workers.

After the tour, we headed 15 miles west to South Bend to visit the campus of Notre Dame.  Of the three campuses we have visited in the past week (including Michigan and Michigan State) this is by far the most impressive.  The campus is filled with trees and has a number of quad areas.  The Golden Dome topped by a statue of the Virgin Mary is the signature scene, as is the football stadium on campus.

The above picture is of the front of the Hesburgh Library, directly across from the front of the stadium and named for the long time college president, Theodore Hesburgh.  The mosaic represents Christ as the teacher surrounded by religious scenes.

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4 Responses to Touring: Newmar and Notre Dame

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    Will you get the chance to tour a car manufacturing plant? That is really neat. I am really enjoying your travelogue. Michigan is on our list of possibilities for next summer, and your descriptions moved it further up the list. Is the Upper Peninsula as beautiful as people say?

  2. placestheygo says:

    We could have toured the Ford truck plant but passed on that. Today we toured the Fleetwood Motor Home Plant where our motor home was built. That was even more interesting than the Newmar plant.

    We only spent one day in the Upper Peninsula but it looked very nice. The road along Lake Superior is suppose to be especially beautiful. The water on all three lakes we saw was extremely clean and beautiful. Northern Michigan is well worth the trip!

  3. was perusing a friend’s blogpost about Notre Dame, as we had recently toured the campus, and came across your link. . .you pic of the Library Mural is much better than the one we took. . .as the reflecting pool is filled.

    They are just now filling the fountains and pools following the winter season. . .enjoyed your tour!

    Janice and Dave

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