Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

While attending the Fleetwood Motorhome Rally in Illinois we stopped at a booth advertising a new upscale motorhome park near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park along Lake Michigan outside Travese City, Michigan.  Since upper Michigan was where we wanted to visit next, Pam stopped by to talk with them.  The owners purchased an existing campground and added a new section that would be upscale for motorhomes only on a for sale basis.  You purchase the lot like one would purchase a condominium.  We are not interested in a lot and they are way out of our price range, but the deal to get us there was too good to pass up.

So this is our home for the next week.  It’s a beautiful site with inlaid concrete and a patio area.  Two nights before this, on our trip up from Springfield, Illinois, we stayed in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  The next night we were in a traditional campground in the dirt,  so this site is living the high life for us!

Today was finally cool enough to enjoy so we uncovered the motorcyle and went for a beautiful ride through a number of quaint small villages in the peninsula between Lake Michigan and Traverse Bay.  The nicest was the village of Leland, which has a beautiful small lake to its east and Lake Michigan to its west.  The shops were nice and the people friendly.  After we returned, it was time for a walk along the Lake Michigan Beach in the village of Empire, just a few miles to our west.

Creek in Leland just before it enters Lake Michigan

Dunes of Sleeping Bear National Park from the Leland harbor

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2 Responses to Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

  1. Heidi says:

    Loving the blog! Katie and I are right now in Tech Camp and doing work…. lol (looking at your blog-technology, right?)
    Heidi 🙂

    • placestheygo says:

      Sorry…at this point John is doing all the blogging. There hasn’t been time for a teaching lesson yet. One rainy day I will get all the ins and outs. Have fun at camp!

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