Visitor from the Sky!

Son Kevin, who lives in Atlanta, recently earned his private pilot’s license.  As part of the process to earn the next level for a pilot he needs to accumulate hours and distance.  What better place to fly to than southern Illinois.  He left Dekalb-Peachtree Airport, north of Atlanta and, after a brief stop north of Nashville, landed at Williamson County Regional Airport, just to our south here in Herrin, IL.  We waited on the ground and knew immediately that the plane that arrived was Kevin as it was the only plane in sight as the airport was very quiet.  The airport has a runway longer than Reagan National in DC so we couldn’t actually see touch-down but he soon taxied up to where we were.


Kevin taxi's in to the parking area

Taxi Time

Arrival in Illinois

The Pilot

The "hot" pilot (90+ degrees and no ac!)

Father and Son

The Wright Brothers (ok, one's the father & one's the son)

We had dinner at Applebee’s then back to the motorhome where we watched the Herrin fireworks display across the street from the park.  Up early the next morning and to the airport as the pilot wanted to get in the air during the calm of the early hour.

Ready for take-off

Ready for Take-Off

Taxi Time

Taxi out for take-off

Off to Atlanta

Off to Atlanta!

We enjoyed our surprise visit and look forward to going somewhere north near an airport where we can have another.

Today we are working around the motorhome and planning for a move north tomorrow to the Springfield area to visit a man named Lincoln.

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2 Responses to Visitor from the Sky!

  1. Barb Smith says:

    that was a unique and nice visit from Kevin!!

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