Cache River State Natural Area

We are currently parked back at Four Season’s Campground in Herrin, Il.  While there is not much around us, it is close to the location of the Fleetwood Rally last week and we wanted to be parked somewhere during the heavy travel time of July 4th.   So here we sit until next week when we will head somewhere to the north, probably to Springfield to visit Abraham Lincoln’s home, although I doubt if he’ll be home.

One of the things that is in this area is a nice nature area called Cashe River State Natural Area.  The area is a wetland area that contains some massive cypress trees, making it feel like the deep South, rather than southern Illinois.  Yesterday we road the bike trail a bit and saw the state champion bald cypress tree.  Today we hiked a path along what is called Heron Pond and saw the state champion cherrybark oak tree.  State champion trees?  Yes, who knew?  Apparently there are also national champions somewhere, also.  We can’t have a national champion in major college football but we do have national champions in trees!

After our hike, we decided a treat had been earned so we stopped in Carbondale at the campus of Southern Illinois University and had a Starbucks while watching the exiting ending of the World Cup match between Ghana and Uruguay.

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4 Responses to Cache River State Natural Area

  1. Barb Smith says:

    Glad you guys are having an “educational” experience! Championship trees? yeah, who knew! Enjoy your adventures and we will enjoy reading them.

    P.S. Pam……have you been able to have your DAILY Starbucks? I am curious!!
    Barb (world cup fanatic)

  2. Barb Smith says:

    forgot to sign up for site updates!

  3. Sam Bryson says:

    Herrin, IL!!!! One of my closest friends lives in Herrin! She says there are some great lakes around, check it out; since you have NO schedule! You look totally FAB must be the rest and relaxation. It is going to be 95 degree, plus..up to 102 for the next few day……….whew………HOT………….glad we have the pool. Bobby turned three and proceeded to tell bob after his party that he was big now and could ‘drive’ his truck! We told him as soon as he deposits enough money into our account to cover the cost of the insurance, he was welcome to drive Daddy’s ‘big’ truck. (I guess we better start saving now…..)

  4. deb mccullar says:

    Hi John, Looks like you are having a great time! I admire your and your wife’s adventurous spirit! I would love that kind of life! The information about the cypress trees interests me…I have a farm in NC on the Tar River and we have one of the oldest known Cypress tress on our farm. It is hundreds of years old! Enjoy your travels! deb

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