Fleetwood Rally

Here we are in exciting Du Quoin, IL for four days attending the Fleetwood Motorhome Association’s national rally.  The rally is being held on the site of the Du Quoin State Fairground, a huge site with room for a thousand motorhomes!   While it is nice to meet many new people and see a new area of the country, we are here for educational purposes as we begin living full time in our motorhome.  Here we are at our site.

As one looks at the agenda of workshops available, some seem like they would be very dry and boring.  But as former educators, we know the importance of motivation in learning, so to us a workshop like “Weights and Their Importance to Safe Driving” become more interesting.  Who knew tires and air pressure could be interesting topics.  But when your home is sitting on six tires going down the interstate at sixty miles an hour both numbers become very important.  Another key workshop was “Fire and Life Safety in Your RV” presented by Mac McCoy, the guru of RV fire safety.

We’ve had a leak in the seal around the windshield since we purchased this coach and travel with a bath towel on the dash to soak up the water.  Fleetwood offers two free repairs at the rally so we had that leak fixed yesterday.  Last night provided the perfect test, we had a thunderstorm and it rained heavily for over a half hour.  No leak!

We’ll be here until Wednesday then move back down to the Four Seasons Campground twenty miles to the south in Herrin, IL where we’ll hang out during the holiday weekend.  Then we will head north (too hot here!) for some time around Lake Michigan.

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  1. dalees107 says:

    Just found your blog – recommended via wordpress as it says others I follow, follow you! We are in the process of deciding which Class A to buy and we really liked the Discovery! Did you buy yours new? Any other problems beside the leaky windshield?

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